We Are Committed to Partnering with the Educational and Business Community to Develop Learning Pathways for a Technology Driven Future.

The Process of Wonder and Discovery

Harnessing one of our greatest assets: Our children’s curiosity and imagination.

Flexible and Inclusive Learning Spaces

Our learning activities invite critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills.

Physical Materials and Digital Resources

Students are encouraged to use and explore varied materials in creative and experimental ways.

Our bold vision in STEM education and technology driven skills will prepare our children for theĀ challenges of the future andĀ the world that awaits them.

Promoting Equitable Access to STEM Education

The AEDI Foundation seeks to partner with an engaged and networked community focusing specific attention on historically impoverished communities to improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical education.

Successful Learning Starts With Belief

As students gain experience and knowledge, they develop growth mindsets and see themselves as active and successful learners.

Helping Students Reach Their Goals

A child’s belief about their self is paramount to their ability to learn and achieve their goals in life.