Funding and availability of high-quality STEM programming favors schools and communities that have access to the most resources. Help us level the playing field.

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It’s thanks to people like you that our organization is able to enrich the lives of young students and help them gain exposure to the types of programs that will inspire and excite them to continue on in valuable STEM careers.
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Levels of Support


LEVEL 1 – Silver

Provides support to students as we expose our earliest learners to the wonderful world of STEM.


LEVEL 2 – Bronze

Provides support to AEDI Foundation sponsored programs and events.


LEVEL 3 – Platinum

Provides a valuable STEM Saturday experience for 5-10 children which includes custom, themed materials and lunch for each child.


LEVEL 4 – Gold

Provides 20 copies of the acclaimed book, STEM Club Trouble to be donated to elementary school libraries in the state/County of your choice (via ituey, llc’s Sponsor 5 Program).


LEVEL 5 – Rhodium

Provides adoption of an entire class to attend both STEM Saturday and the Super Sprocket STEM Club afterschool program.

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Our bold vision in STEM education and technology driven skills will prepare our children for the challenges of the future and the world that awaits them.