Preparing Students for a Lifetime of Interests in STEM

STEM education advances economic development and provides students with real-world learning experiences.

After School STEM Club

Students explore and solve problems with computer science and prototyping.

Bridging the Gap Through STEM

Hands-on, project based learning experiences in coding, robotics and engineering skills.

Our Flagship Program

The Super Sprockets STEM Club was established to expose children from racially and socio-economically diverse neighborhoods, to the wonderful world of STEM education. The Super Sprocket STEM Club has had a tremendous amount of success in improving student’s STEM attitudes and content knowledge, while increasing interest in STEM careers. Recent program evaluations in the Super Sprockets STEM Club revealed:

  • 92% of students WANTED to participate in another activity
  • 72% of students increased their knowledge of measurement data
  • 59% of students reported improved ability to work on a team

This report is based on student pre- and post lab surveys from students taken at three Pinellas County elementary schools (Melrose, Maximo, and Campbell Park Elementary), assessing content knowledge and attitudes about science and engineering careers while participating in the Super Sprocket STEM Club during the 2019-2020 school year.

Our Vision

To provide children with fun interactive resources and experiences directly related to problem solving and critical thinking giving them a clear understanding  of how STEM affects the world around us.

Students Construct Working Models and Inventions

Our STEM Club programs  and teaching methodologies create curiousity and understanding of new engineering concepts and technologies.

STEM Education Starts With Our Earliest Learners

STEM education enables children to make vital connections between everyday life and STEM disciplines. It also lays the foundation for future academic success.

Hands-On Minds-On Learning are the Building Blocks for Success

Students are excited to see that they’re capable of understanding and learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our STEM Activities are Both Stimulating and Engaging

Providing students with the confidence and skills to solve real-world problems and design new solutions.

The Power of Collaboration

Empowering Minds and Changing Lives

An effective STEM education is culturally responsive and addresses the inequities that exist along racial, ethnic, linguistic, socioeconomic, gender, disability and geographic lines. The AEDI Foundation is committed to bridging this gap.